PT Barnum's Great American Shit Carnival

When The Greatest Showman surpassed $400 million in worldwide box office sales, lightning struck P.T. Barnum's grave and his corpse was REANIMATED. His dark soul was summoned from the beyond because the time was finally right for The Greatest Show on Earth to assume it's most perverse, exploitative and disgusting ultimate form because it's 2019 and the rules do not apply to anyone with money or power!

PT Barnum's Great American Shit Carnival is a torrid celebration of all that is wrong and unholy in our current timeline where anyone with enough money or influence can drop by to showcase their particular brand of opulence. Perhaps Elon Musk will show us how fast he can chug a 2 liter bottle of his actual jizz (for strength)? Will Betsy DeVos invite her two least favorite public school children to fight to the death with the winner receiving barely affordable healthcare? Or perhaps RUdy Guiliani will stop by to show us where he keeps his dentures when he's not wearing them (hint: it's his raw, bleeding asshole)?

Whoever DOES stop by you can bet your bottom (millionth) dollar it'll be a feast for your trust-fund having, dystopia-loving, cum-encrusted eyes!

Disclaimer: This show is a foul nightmare. As a service to the performers and to the world-at-large you will NOT be permitted to take photographs or videos of this event.