Liquid Courage

Liquid Courage is a Sketch show like no other.  Anyone can submit a sketch and perform it at this show. Sketches will be picked on a first come first served basis. The show will run as long as sketches are presented.

It's open to all performers.
Sign-up begins at 10:30pm and promptly ends at 11:30pm.
Pick up a LC form from the UCBT box office, fill it out, attach your sketch and return it to the box office
One LC form per sketch. 
You may bring more than 1 sketch, but you are only guaranteed to have one of them put up. 
Multiple Submissions should be under the same name. 
Your Sketch is not allowed to exceed 5 pages. It will not be accepted if it exceeds 5 pages. 
We strongly discourage sketches presented in WORD. 
Your Sketch will be blacked out after 5 Minutes. 
No Stand-up!
Sketches should be memorized, no scripts in hand. 
Tech for your sketch should be simple! No powerpoints. Bring Music on a flash drive. 
You supply your own performers, so please cast your sketch ahead of time
This show is free to everyone. Performers, writers and audience members. 

Upcoming Performances

Friday, December 21


UCBT Hell's Kitchen