Your New Favorite Movie

Wednesday, January 9 2019


UCBT Hell's Kitchen

555 W 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036

Erin Bartley (as Nicole Kidman)
Amy Berger (as Anne Hathaway)
Donald Chang (as Dick Van Dyke)
Lauren Clark (as Lisa Kudrow)
Katie Sicking (as Tilda Swinton)


(Plus $1.50/ticket transaction fee)

×1 ticket = $5

There will be a standby line for this show

Why go to the movies when you can go to a live movie sketch show starring fake real celebrities? Every month, Erin Fenton interviews a comedian about their favorite films and compresses everything movie trope they love into a live comedy show performed by celebrity impressionists. 

Featuring: Milly Tamarez
Erica Hernandez - Jennifer Lopez
RJ O'Brien - Henry Golding
Alexandra Sobrino - Christina Ricci
Marshall Stratton - Colin Farrell