Sketch Cram!

Saturday, December 15 2018


UCBT Hell's Kitchen

555 W 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036

Molly Kiernan (Broad City, Need To Know- MTV News)
David Guzman (The Onion, Maude Night, McSweeney’s)
Kathy Tao (Maude Night)
Chris Principe (College Humor, The Onion, Elephant Larry)
Hannah Rothblatt
Karl Spurzem

Thomas Whittington (Our Cartoon President, Maude Night, Characters Welcome) 
Sophie Santos (Handmaid’s Tale: The Musical, Riverdale: Live, The Lesbian Agenda)
Caitlin Sing (Lloyd Night, poHa, Who Made The Potato Salad)
Kate Shine (The Magnet, 30 Rock)
Dylan J. Sampson (Boogie Manja)
KK Apple (Lloyd Night, The Rhythm Is Going to Get You)
Joseph Lymous (Stray, Jug Band Hokum, Common Charges)
Charlie Murphy (Shakespeare in the Park, The Pearl Theatre Company, Esperance Theater Company)

Angel Yau (AzN PoP!)

Hunter Nelson (The Onion, Women & Men)
Madalyn Baldanzi (go90's Mr. Student Body President, UCBT)
Stacey Kulow (Maude Night, Liquid Courage) 
Georgie Aldaco (The Onion, Whale Thief)


(Plus $1.50/ticket transaction fee)

×1 ticket = $5

There will be a standby line at the theatre for sold-out shows.

Once a month, we cram together UCB's top writers, performers, and students to craft an all-new sketch comedy show from scratch in a single day.

Featuring writers and performers from The Onion News Network, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and more!

Sketch Cram is all the comedy you can cram into a single show. Featuring 100% new content every month! Based on the show originally created by Charlie Sanders and Chris Gethard.