UCBW AutumnSlamn

Friday, November 10 2017


UCBT Chelsea

307 W. 26th St, New York, NY 10001


Purge Match for the UCBW Title (Wrestlers must cheat to win)
Beach Cop vs Laundry Matt


Until the Last Match Wackadoo Match (Title many change hands until the Main Event starts)
Clara Voyant, Modern Art, Castrato, Dusty Dangle

Tag Team Tandem Match (Whomever makes the pin is champ)
Bowling Club vs Pair-A-Medics (He.M.T.+ She.M.T.) vs Brotherhood of Man

Did It For the Selfie Social Media Match (To win, you must be taking a selfie)
Cruella De Vos, Justin Time, Big Druggie, Postal Worker

You Wish Survivor Series Match (Whomever is left becomes #1 Contender)
Monster Squad (Party Monster, Spanish Fly, Gym Rat, Buffalo Elmo) vs Nice Squad (Ultimo Pussi, Bear Grrls, Olde Fishstix, God Almighty)

Also featuring Wall $treet, Lush Rimbaugh, Referee Tarzan & hosted by the Voices of the UCBW Uncle Eddie, Chuck McMahon & Chugger Deets!


(Plus $1.00/ticket transaction fee)

×1 ticket = $5

There will be a standby line for this show

UCBW AutumnSlamn returns to the world famous UCBW Arena in the shadow of Madison Square Garden!

The leaves are falling, but it'll be blisteringly hot when UCBW MegaStars appears in the squared circle! Hilarious REAL wrestling matches LIVE on the UCBW Network*

Get your tickets NOW! Only 14,000 seats available! 


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*show not actually available on any network