Advanced Class Show: THE CONVERGENCE

Tuesday, March 10 2015


UCBT Chelsea

307 W. 26th St, New York, NY 10001


(Plus $1.00/ticket transaction fee)

×1 ticket = $5

There will be a standby line for this show

Two scenes begin. Slowly their realities begin to blend together until one can no longer exist without the other. Worlds collide in: THE CONVERGENCE.

Warning: attending this show might lead to the performers discovering their true parents, encountering an ancient culture living under their farm, or realizing that they have been the star of a reality show all along.

Rebekah Bentley, Sara Feinstein, Jewel Galbraith, Sarah Heveron-Smith, Jaime Lutz, Dan McGillivray, Kelsey Murphy, Dominique Nisperos, A.J. Patton, Steven Polletta, Alexis Rhiannon, Stefan Schuette, Christopher Scott, Brandon Tarzis, Lui Vega, and Timmy Wood as the performer who is listed last alphabetically.