License To Chill
The Black Experience with Jonathan Braylock

Monday, September 1 2014


UCBT Chelsea

307 W. 26th St, New York, NY 10001


(Plus $1.00/ticket transaction fee)

×1 ticket = $5

(paid at the box office) Cory and Max have been the chillest of best friends, but a road trip to stop a wedding will change all of that.  "License to Chill" is a two man sketch show in the body of an action-packed 80's road trip movie...that takes place today and is 30 minutes! So tilt your hats to your side, buckle your seat belts and don't forget your CHILL!

You ever wish you could be black for one night? If you said yes, your wish is granted!*

The Black Experience is a one-man sketch show that treats the audience to the liberty of “being black” for one night. Join Jonathan Braylock (a real live black person) as he takes you on a no-holds-barred journey through the tropes and notes of African American culture.

*If you said no you are a liar...or black.

Written by Jonathan Braylock and James Carr
Directed by James Carr